Senior Regulatory Analyst

Houston, TX


Position Summary

This position is responsible for assisting the HSER Manager with all related regulatory duties.  The position requires comprehensive knowledge of Texas State and Federal regulations that govern the oil and gas extraction industry.  This is a high-volume, fast-paced role that requires an action-oriented, self-motivated individual who can work independently and with multi-discipline teams.

 Essential Duties and Responsibilities

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform the following duties satisfactorily:

  • Prepare and handle regulatory materials for upstream oil & gas operations in Texas, including but not limited to:
  • Permits - drilling, flare, plug & abandonment, surface & downhole commingling, pits, etc.,
  • Groundwater protection determination letters,
  • Change of operator forms
  • Completion reports for oil and gas producers, disposal wells, and injection wells.
  • Navigate online state agency websites proficiently.
  • Research/report on relevant regulations specific to agency permit requirements.
  • Candidate may be required to work after hours to meet deadlines from time to time.
  • All other duties and tasks as assigned by the direct supervisor or manager.



To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following.

Decision Quality

Makes good and timely decisions that keep the organization moving forward. Can make sound decisions in the absence of the complete picture. Relies on a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment when making decisions, considers all relevant factors, and uses appropriate decision-making criteria and principles. Can see when an 80% solution is sufficient.


Holds self and others accountable to meet commitments. Follows through on commitments and makes sure others do the same. Acts with a clear sense of ownership and takes personal responsibility for decisions, actions, and failures. Establishes clear responsibilities and processes for monitoring work and measuring results.

Manages Ambiguity

Ability to operate effectively, even when things are uncertain, or the way forward is unclear. Deals comfortably with the uncertainty of change and effectively handles risk. Can decide and act without the total picture. Calm and productive, even when things are up in the air. Deals constructively with problems that do not have clear solutions or outcomes

Qualifications & Skills

The qualifications and skills listed below represent those required to complete the essential duties and Responsibilities listed above.

Education & Experience

High school diploma required with related degree preferred

Other Skills

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Excellent organizational skills

Good time management skills

Ability to handle a high volume of activity

Attention to detail and deadlines

Strong teamwork

Computer & Software Skills

Full knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.

Certificates and Licenses


Date Posted: 10-19-2023

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