Wellwork Engineer

Whitsett, TX
Full Time


The primary responsibility for the Wellwork Engineer will be the management of Verdun’s well intervention program. The Wellwork Engineer will be expected to work closely with the field organization and Asset Team members to oversee workover operations for their specified area and be responsible for planning and executing the workover program in accordance with the corporate development plan. It is the expectation that the Wellwork Engineer will drive the HSER program at every level. The candidate will also be responsible for delivering results within stated budgets and timelines, while driving the Verdun culture of hands-on leadership and continuous improvement in every aspect of their operation.

This role will be based in general area of San Antonio, TX.

Key Accountabilities

  • Team Oriented
    • Expected to work well with all members of the Team and strive for daily success in cross communication for the common goal of the organization
    • Be able to effectively communicate ideas, plans and updates to all levels of management
  • Cultural Fit
    • Expected to be in the field several days a week where the work is occurring to help support and facilitate daily operations:
      • Expected to take field-based learnings and apply sound Engineering principles to help support operations team to reduce cost and improve system efficiencies
    • Speak with confidence in group settings and gatherings to push continuous improvement
    • Must be able to thrive in a fast- paced environment and be able to multi-task, while finding ways to step back and take the time to analyze singular items when required
    • Must never settle- exhibit leadership skills and show commitment to operational excellence
  • Wellwork Procedures
    • Generate detailed wellwork procedures including optimization of procedures through boots on the ground developmental takeaways
    • Help in standardization of routine operational procedural development for streamlined efficiencies
    • Assist in procedure auditing processes for continuous improvement and development
    • Organize thorough pre-job meetings to ensure all contingencies are accounted for
  • Wellwork AFE’s
    • Development of AFE’s for wellwork operations
    • Assist in driving costs as low as feasibly possible, while not sacrificing safety, efficiency, or operability
  • Wellwork Cost Analysis
    • Assist in daily cost tracking on a per job basis and help corral cost creep
    • Audit wellwork reports for correct data input surrounding costs
    • Help in identifying daily out of range cost parameters
  • Wellwork Post Job Analysis Reporting
    • Organize operational lookbacks including:
      • What went right
      • What went wrong
      • How will we improve
      • Lessons learned and operational takeaways
    • Actual days on hole vs. projected
    • Lessons learned reporting and tracking
    • Document changes for future operations
  • Wellwork Scheduling
    • Assist in scheduling wellwork
    • Assist in tracking artificial lift installation timing
    • Assist in some tangible materials scheduling
    • Assist in logistics coordination to meet expense workover timelines and save revenue on rig moves
  • Wellsite Supervisor Management
    • Assist in scheduling Wellsite Supervisors
    • Assist in managing Wellsite Supervisors
    • Assist in acquiring talented and likeminded Wellsite Supervisors
    • Assist in ensuring Wellsite Supervisors are performing to standard and meeting expectations
  • Rig Maintenance
    • Assist in ensuring proper rig maintenance is occurring on proper intervals
    • Work with key vendors to ensure total spread maintenance is being maintained on appropriate frequencies
  • Rig Selection and Management
    • Assist in ensuring rigs are outfitted per Verdun standard and work with rig contactor to make any rig changes as needs arise.
    • Ensure proper ancillary equipment is being utilized.
  • Vendor Selection
    • Work with Workover Superintendent, Wellsite Supervisors and Production team to source vendors that drive down cost and drive-up efficiencies, safely.
  • Cost control
    • Come up with creative and innovative way to control costs and reduce creep
    • Monitor trends and be able to anticipate future constraints
  • HSER
    • Hold the line to ensure Verdun HSER standards are maintained by all parties on location
  • Fishing Operations
    • Directly assist with BHA selection
    • Directly and thoroughly assist in planning and strategy
    • Directly assist in fishing SOP and execution
    • Directly assist in fishing hurdle rate economics and knowing when to pull the plug


  • Whitsett, Texas
    • San Antonio
    • Three Rivers
    • Pleasanton
    • George West
    • Beeville
    • Kennedy
    • Goliad
    • Corpus Christi


Preferred Experience including:

  • Workover rig operations
    • Rod/ tubing jobs
    • Gas lift and packer installation
    • Horizontal cleanouts
    • Acid stimulations
    • Rig assist and standalone snubbing
    • Stick pipe drill outs
    • Fishing
    • Tubing conveyed perforating
    • Liner installation
    • Re-frac’s
    • Remedial cementing
    • P&A
  • Coil Tubing experience
    • Thru tubing 1”/1.25”
    • Frac plug drill out
    • Logging on e-coil
  • Wire line experience
    • Slickline
      • Fishing
      • Plug installation/removal
      • Flowing gradient surveys
      • Bumper spring installation/removal
      • Plunger work
    • Braided Line
      • Fishing
    • E-line
      • Production logging
      • Pipe recovery
      • CBL
      • Perforating via gamma correlation
      • Plug & Perf for frac
  • Overall Process Requirements
    • Fundamental understanding of production operations, well intervention, artificial lift, system optimization, compression, field development and depletion planning
    • Familiar with all engineering aspects involved with well design, completion, workover, and well intervention (through-tubing operations, coiled tubing, electric line, slick line and production optimization)

Hard Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in relative engineering or data science
    • Mechanical
    • Petroleum
    • Chemical
    • Other

Soft Requirements

  • 5 years of wellwork experience and/ or Production Engineering experience in an unconventional shale play.


  • Microsoft
    • Excel
    • Word
    • PowerPoint
  • Spotfire
  • WellView
  • Cygnet
  • Aries

Date Posted: 07-12-2022

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