Database Developer

Houston, TX
Full Time


Roles & Responsibilities:
• Monitoring and maintain company data repositories. This includes commercial off the shelf application databases as well as internally designed and implemented databases.
• Create integrated data repositories from disparate systems and sources to allow quick, easy, and consistent consumption of all related data.
• Provides diagnosis for database problems and performance issues.
• Assist in database design and modeling of internal databases.
• Ensures data consistency between internal systems for the company.
• Review underlying systems to develop core data sources to be consumed in an array of products.
• Follows sound data management practices established by the company to ensure data integrity for the company.
• Collaborates with IT manager in designing and architecting company data repositories.
• Monitor systems and instances to maintain performance and data integrity.
o Table/query optimization and performance monitoring & tuning.
• Ensures data consistency over all 3rd party databases and data is reliable in each system.
• Assist and manage development of multidimensional data repositories (OLAP/Tabular).
• Aids other departments to:
o Extract, transform and load data for new acquisitions.
o Develop ad-hoc data queries.
o Specialized reporting from company systems or from external data sources.
o Analyze datasets and provide information, in a user-friendly format.
• Aids users with Microsoft Office applications, specifically Microsoft Access and Excel.
• Aids external vendors to optimize data retrieval from their systems.


Required Skills:
• Seven (7) to ten (10) years’ experience, preferably in the oil and gas industry, with a special emphasis in database and application development leveraging a Microsoft technical stack.
• Strong interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with individuals at all levels of the company.
• Exceptional ability in diagnosing and solving computer related problems while maintaining patience, professionalism, and courtesy.
• Solid understanding of database server setup and maintenance regarding web-based development, such as linked servers, stored procedures, indexes, triggers, and query optimization.
• Solid understanding of the technology related to database design and maintenance of a database system/server.
• Ability to establish priorities, meet deadlines, and concentrate on detailed information in a fast-paced demanding work environment.
• Solid understanding of desktop computers, printers, and general office applications.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, supervisors, other departments, officials, and the public.
• Ability to complete multiple, diverse tasks of differing priorities.
• Create and manage MSSQL/SSIS packages and jobs.
• Proficiency in the use and application of the following software:
o Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook)
o Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft SQL Server. Experience or exposure to Oracle a plus.

Preferred Skills:
• Oil & Gas industry experience (in various functional areas – Fin, Eng, Geo, Land).
• Microsoft Azure environment experience.
• Experience in an operations and development team environment.
• Familiar with hardware/server installs, upgrades, and maintenance.
• Familiarity with risk and quality management.

Date Posted: 12-27-2022

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